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December 14, 2006

Magic Maries

This is a cookie recipe donated to us from Angel and her son Damien. Angel is a single mom, and she and Damien live in South Africa. After drooling over these cookies (and how easy they are to make!), go and visit Angel at her blog "Angel's Mind": http://www.angelathome.blogspot.com

Here's a contribution from li'l ol' mois, they're cookies, and Damien and I call them "magic maries" (pronounced "mahrees") and its lovely for anytime but specially for Christmas 'coz they're very colourful.

We used to be able to buy them and we loved them- and then when Bakers (I think) stopped selling them, we started making our own. It's very simple and its messy and its fun for the kids too!
You'll need:
--> white cooking chocolate
--> sprinkles called "hundreds-and-thousands"... dunno what they're called overseas (see photo)
--> flat biscuits- I usually use marie biscuits

What you do is melt a slab of white chocolate, I usually use a 200g slab. Dip or spread the top of the cookies with the chocolate and lay them flat on a baking sheet covered with wax paper (for the mess of course). Sprinkle the spread cookies liberally with the hundreds-and-thousands! Leave them out so the chocolate can set again (don't refrigerate them). I usually get about 30 cookies-depending on how much chocolate you use on each biscuit. I sometimes even wrap them up as gifts for Easter and Mothers Day! Eat and enjoy!

1 comment:

angel said...

i have friends and colleagues who are now hooked on these things and make batch after batch of magic maries using everything from dark chocolate to caramilk chocolate!