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January 31, 2007

Phos' Fried Rice

Yet another recipe from Phos! Yay! Keep 'em coming Phos!

Hardware: Wok

3 cups - Cooked brown rice
1 - Red pepper, diced
1 - Yellow pepper diced
1/2cup - Diced ham
1 can - Water chestnuts
1/2cup - Bean sprouts
1/4cup - Green peas
3 - Chopped Scallions
1/4cup - Mushrooms
2 - Large Eggs whisked
1 tsp - Minced garlic
1 tsp - Minced ginger
2 Tbs - Oyster flavor sauce
3 Tbs - Soy Sauce
1/4 tsp - Sesame oil
1/8 tsp - Freshly ground white pepper
2 Tbs - Peanut or Canola Oil

Fried rice is a good way to clean out the fridge. The recipe is a basic start, chicken or shrimp may be substituted or combined with the ham. The list of ingredients vary as the vegetables are merely suggested, last night’s leftover kernel corn can be added and so forth.

Tip: Have everything measured out and prepared prior to starting – once the heat is on there is no time to turn back.

Heat the wok on high, add the oil and swirl pan to coat sides. As soon as the oil is hot, drop in the whisked egg. When egg is cooked remove with slotted spoon and set aside. Add ham, garlic and ginger and stir vigorously. Drop in mushrooms and vegetables and stir fry. Add rice, soy sauce, oyster flavor sauce, and sesame oil and mix thoroughly. Add egg and chop, mixing it in. Serve.

The rice stores well in a covered container in the fridge and will serve up to six people.


The Phosgene Kid said...

EC, thanks for posting this!!

Eternally Curious said...

My pleasure Phos! Thank you for sharing...and, keep 'em coming!