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September 27, 2008

EC's NON-Vegetarian Red "White" Chili

I love whipping up a batch of my Non-Vegetarian Red "White" Chili! That's right, mine isn't a white sauce, as many white chili's are. It is red in color, looks just like regular chili, and in fact is a lot like my Vegetarian Red White Chili (recipe below).

The "white" refers to the fact that ...
1. There are absolutely no tomatoes in it - at all
2. I use "white" meats such as chicken and turkey (usually both)
3. I use only white beans - such as butter, cannellini, northern, lentils, garbanzo, even hominy - but never any kidney beans.
4. I literally use an entire garden of veggies in mine! Literally!! Anything and everything in the pot - except tomatoes or potatoes!

The red color comes from the chili powder and other flavorings and chili spices I use.

Wanna watch? ... Hope so!! ... EC

First - the produce!

I did warn you, didn't I?!

A Pasillo chili, diced small
(or Pablano, or whatever mild chili pepper you like -
I just stay away from the really spicy ones like Jalapeno 'cuz
this recipe turns out spicy enough, trust me!)
About 6 Anneheim chilies, diced small
2 cans roasted green chilies, undrained
4-5 regular onions, diced small
1-2 red onions, diced small
About 12 carrots, diced small (or shredded)
One entire head (yes head - not clove!) of garlic
(roasted, of course, then mushed into a paste!)
3-4 zucchini's, chopped (not as small as everything else)
About 3 cans navy beans, undrained
2 cans butter beans, undrained
1 LARGE can hominy, undrained
2 cans whole-kernel corn, undrained
1 yellow pepper, diced small
1 red pepper, diced small
1 green pepper, diced small
3-5 stalks celery, diced small
1/4 cup honey,
1/4 cup molasses,
Worcestershire sauce
(easier to spell than to say!)
(and who knows how much! -
just keep adding until it tastes right to you!),
Liquid Smoke
(again - do the taste thang!),
Chili seasonings
(I used the entire pkg Mexican chili seasoning
shown in the picture above) ... plus:
Additional chili powder, cumin & oregano
(to taste - of course!)
Chicken stock (2 boxes),
Vegetable stock (1 box),
1 bottle of beer.
About 2 pounds EACH boneless/skinless chicken breasts
AND turkey breasts,
Plus 1 pound ground turkey

Wow - that is one HECK of a lot of chopping! Luckily I have a wonderful utensil which I love and it always saves the day for me! Would you believe all that chopping only took me 20 minutes - tops? If you'd like more info or availability contact me at: pjsgifts@msn.com
Trim the breasts and cut into bite sized pieces. Sautee all, plus the ground turkey, with the onions (in a very large skillet - of course!). Drain, then add with everything else to a HUGE pot (or several not so huge pots)! Bring to a boil, then slow simmer for as long as you like (or can stand to - before digging in!).

This chili will first present your palate with the heat of the spices, and then with a slight hint and aftertaste of sweetness!

WOW! Now then - what pot is big enough to hold all of this? Well, don't know what you have on hand, but the only thing we have is our trusty 18 quart table-top portable roasting oven!

Yep - 18 quarts! ...

It is old, very much loved, and (as you can tell) is used an awful lot (outside is stained permanently, but the inside still cleans up nicely) ...

And now for the finished product ... who would like a steaming bowl full of chunky, yummy, home-made goodness? Maybe served with some fresh made biscuits and butter, or how about some corn bread and honey? ...

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